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The role of promotion in marketing

Promotion and its role in Marketing Mix

Promotion is one of the 4Ps of Marketing Mix, playing an important role in attracting customers, promoting sales and building brands. This article will explain what the concept of promotion is along with the role, function and effective forms of promotion today.

What is Promotion?

Promotion is one of the four core elements of the Marketing Mix model, including activities to inform, persuade and encourage potential customers to buy a business’s products or services with the goal of:

  • Increase awareness: Introduce products/services to potential customers.
  • Attract customers: Convince customers to test products/services.
  • Encourage purchase: Create motivation for customers to buy products/services.
  • Brand building: Creating a brand image and position in the market.

To achieve the above goals, businesses can carry out many different promotional activities, including:

  • Advertising: Conveying product/service information through media channels such as TV, newspapers, social networks, etc.
  • Promotion: accumulate points, give gifts with shocking discounts, etc. to attract customers.
  • Public Relations: Enhance brand image through PR activities.
  • Direct sales: Approach customers directly to introduce products/services.

The effectiveness of promotion depends on many different factors. These include strategy, target market, budget, and creativity in activities. Businesses need to develop appropriate marketing strategies to achieve optimal results.

The role of promotion

Promotion plays an important role in promoting business success. Here are some key roles of promotion:

  • Information: Promotion helps convey information about products/services to potential customers, including features, benefits, prices, usage, etc.
  • Persuasion: Promotion helps convince potential customers to buy products/services by providing convincing reasons and evidence.
  • Promotion: Promotion encourages potential customers to buy products/services by creating attractive incentives such as discounts, gifts, etc.
  • Brand building: Promotion helps build brand image and position in the market.
  • Increase sales: Promotions help attract new customers and retain old customers, thereby increasing sales for businesses.
  • Brand differentiation: Promotion helps businesses distinguish their brand from competitors.
  • Building relationships: Promotion helps businesses build good relationships with customers and partners.
  • Market feedback: Promotion helps businesses collect feedback from the market to improve products/services and marketing strategies.
  • Measuring effectiveness: Promotion helps businesses measure the effectiveness of marketing activities and make appropriate adjustments.

7 common forms of promotion

Promotion is one of the important elements in Marketing Mix, playing a role in attracting customers, promoting sales and building brands. Below are 7 common forms of promotion:

  • Advertising: A form of conveying messages about products/services to potential customers through media channels such as TV, newspapers, social networks,…
  • Promotion: A form of stimulating purchases by reducing prices, giving gifts, accumulating points,…
  • Public Relations (PR): A form of creating brand image and position through activities such as event organization, sponsorship,…
  • Direct sales: A form of directly approaching potential customers to introduce products/services.
  • Direct marketing: A form of direct communication to potential customers through email, text messages, direct mail,…
  • Content marketing: A form of providing useful and attractive content to potential customers to attract and retain them.
  • Word of mouth marketing: A form of communication through the words of current customers, based on their satisfaction with the product/service.

Thus, it can be seen that promotion is an important tool to help businesses achieve their business goals. Businesses need to invest in building effective marketing strategies to attract customers, increase sales and build brands.


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