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WannaCry: Dangerous ransomware virus and how to prevent it

WannaCry is a ransomware virus that attacks Windows operating systems, encrypts users’ data and requires them to pay a ransom to get their data back. Let’s follow this article to better understand what wannacry is and the damage they have caused.

What is Wannacry?

The Wannacry virus causes a lot of damage to many people and they spread extremely quickly. WannaCry was developed by the hacker group The Shadow Brokers, believed to be related to the North Korean government. This group stole EternalBlue, a Microsoft security vulnerability exploit tool, from the US National Security Agency (NSA) in 2017.

Spread mechanism of Wannacry malware

The spread mechanism of Wannacry malware begins when this malware takes advantage of vulnerabilities in Windows’ SMB (Server Message Block) protocol to infiltrate the system. When a computer is infected, WannaCry encrypts data on the computer and demands a ransom to decrypt it.
This malicious code spreads automatically from one machine to another through the network without requiring user interaction. This increases the possibility of widespread spread. WannaCry also has the ability to scan and identify other computers on the same network with similar vulnerabilities to continue the infection.

Wannacry’s damage to businesses and users

Wannacry’s huge damage to businesses and users is undeniable. This cyber attack has caused serious financial and reputational losses to many organizations globally.

According to Wikipedia, about 99 countries were also reported to have been attacked by this virus at the same time. More than 1,000 computers at the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Russian Ministry of Emergencies and the Russian telecommunications company MegaFon, were reported to be infected with this malware. Vietnam is also one of the countries most attacked by this virus with 1,900 computers infected with malware.

Wannacry ransomware not only disrupts business operations but also puts users’ personal data at risk. This incident has posed a serious warning about the importance of information security and the need to regularly update network security systems. The purpose is to prevent similar risks in the future.

Preventing Wannacry malware

Preventing Wannacry malware is an important and necessary task to protect personal and business information from cyber attacks. Wanna Cry Ransomware has caused great damage globally, by encrypting user data and demanding ransom to decrypt it.

To effectively protect against Wannacry, it is necessary to implement strong cybersecurity measures, including regular software updates, using reputable antivirus software, and performing regular data backups. period. Additionally, educating users about the risks and how to recognize malicious emails or links is also important to prevent the spread of malicious code.

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WannaCry is not just an isolated phenomenon but also a warning about the cybersecurity risks we may face in the future. Always be alert and prepared to deal with potential risks from cyberspace.


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